Debt advisory

The need for business financing can arise due to different events. Think of a strong organic growth within your company, a takeover of another company or future investment plans. You can fullfill the financing needs of your company in various ways.

In the first place, this can be done with the help of a bank. Informal investors, as well as private equity providers, are also becoming an increasingly important driver of risk-bearing capital. Match Plan Corporate Finance can advise you on which financing form best suits your specific needs, after which we can accompany you in obtaining the necessary financing.

We have an excellent relationship with various banks, informal investors and private equity investors. Attracting finance is a complex process in the current market and requires a customer-specific approach. The financing process consists of a number of steps, which are as follows:

1. Assessment

  • Analysis of the debt capacity and possibilities for additional financing;
  • Analysis of the balance sheet and profit and loss account;
  • Qualitative analysis of the company.

2. Analysis and negotiations

  • Drafting multi-year forecast;
  • Drafting financing memorandum;
  • Contact financiers;
  • Conducting conversations with financiers;
  • Negotiate with financiers;
  • Recording agreements in an agreement.

3. Execution and closing

  • Due Diligence (for financing by informal investors and private equity);
  • Final negotiations with financiers;
  • Closing, including signing agreements and transferring the money.

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