Erik Smidt: Continue where banks stop

Investment fund MKBi does not only fill in the gap left by withdrawing banks, they also add something to improve companies even more. “That is how MKBi takes a step further than the bank.” says Erik Smidt.

The owner-manager of Match Plan Corporate Finance was immediately excited when he heard about MKBi and he gladly joined as a partner. “There are plenty of fast-growing, high-potential companies that are struggling to raise capital. The investment fund is an opportunity for those companies and for investors.


Purchasing and selling companies, management buy-outs and buy-ins, are daily activities of the professionals of Match Plan.  Valuations form an important part of their work. As a partner of MKBi investment fund, Match Plan is concerned with the valuations of potential and participating companies. Before the investment can take place, the value of the company should be completely clear. We assess many aspects of the company that deal with risk, opportunities, strengths but also possible threats.

The sound procedure of MKBi involves various partners. If it turns out that the company has sufficient potential, Match Plan stays up to date. “Every year we make a new valuation. After all, the increase in value is an indicator for the return on your investment.”

Erik Smidt is convinced of the power of MKBi. “The beauty is that the fund not only provides money, but by giving advice and acting as a trusted advisor it also contributes to the success of the company. It works on both sides. I think the need for this type of investments will only grow in the future.”

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