Kenniscentrum Recreatie transfers their legacy

After 53 years the Kenniscentrum Recreatie closes her doors. This is a result from the previous announced stop of subsidies of the Ministry of Economic Events, Agriculture and Innovation. The knowledge and expertise of the Kenniscentrum Recreatie has been carefully safeguarded within the sector.

In the beginning of 2011, the Ministry of Economic Events, Agriculture and Innovation announced to stop the subsidy where Kenniscentrum Recreatie mainly depended on. After the announcement, the Direction and the Board of Supervision have researched the possibilities of continuation intensively. Unfortunately this turned out to be unrealistic; a bankruptcy would be unavoidable. At that moment the decision to go out of business was made. Thanks to this decision the Kenniscentrum Recreatie had sufficient time to transfer their ‘legacy’ to partners within the sector and it offered the employees the time and space to prepare for a new future.

Safeguarded knowledge, expertise and products

Over the course of 53 years the Kenniscentrum Recreatie has built up a lot of experience, an extensive network and it developed various methods and products. After the decision to go out of business, last May, this legacy was offered to potential takeover candidates. That those parties value the legacy, stems from the takeover contracts that have been closed with the Bureau voor Ruimte en Vrije Tijd, the Mullier instituut and STIRR. ‘This way we ensure the prevention of loss of everything we build up the past decennia,’ according to Director Deidre Jakobs.

Official closing

On the 23th of November the Kenniscentrum Recreatie will go out of business officially. In the Royal Theatre of The Hague, partners and acquaintances will gather to review the accomplishments of the past years and to usher the future. The takeover partners will introduce themselves and the future agenda Vrije Tijd and Toerisme will be launched festively.

Mulier Instituut

From 23 November, the Mulier Instituut will take over the models Policy Supporting Recreational Analysis Model (PSRAM), bathing model, sporting model, monitor free time and tourism, digital geographical information system (BORIS) and the sportive, recreational part of the library. The Mulier Instituut is situated in Utrecht and conducts fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of sports. For more information, go to


From 23 November, the Stichting Innovatie Recreatie & Ruimte (STIRR) will take over the managing, informational and innovative role of the Kenniscentrum Recreatie. This means that the STIRR will coordinate the project Toekomstagenda Vrije tijd en Toerisme and the responsibility for the execution of the knowledge program of regional cartoons and innovation program recreation and space. STIRR acts as a driving force for initiatives at the intersection of recreation and space. For more informatie view:

Kenniscentrum Recreatie

Kenniscentrum Recreatie acted as a knowledge platform for the recreational sector. From the conviction that recreation is an elementary need, with a great social and economic importance and the simultaneous development of increasingly complex and divers recreation, this organization provided the necessary knowledge and network to governments and parties in the market. After 53 years, the first organization that created a platform and interest group, will be closed.

The digital library of the Kenniscentrum is for the time being consultable through the following

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