KONE Deursystemen acquires Mondoor and Markus

KONE Deursystemen has acquired Mondoor from Zaltbommel and Markus Hermetische Deuren from Krimpen aan den Ijssel. With the acquisition of healthcare specialists Markus Hermetische Deuren and Mondoor, KONE Deursystemen is able to offer a complete product portfolio.

Both companies taken over by KONE have their own specialism. Mondoor produces and distributes self-developed and patented floating door systems, which are frequently used in healthcare organizations due to their practicality. Markus Hermetische Deuren produces and distributes hermetic sealable door systems. These systems are among other things used for the sealing off surgery and treatment rooms.

Treasure of knowledge and expertise

André van der Sterre, general director of KONE Deursystemen: ‘With the acquisition of these two companies KONE has obtained a treasure of knowledge and expertise. Mondoor and Markus Hermetische Deuren are the market leaders with their products in the healthcare industry. Through the acquisition KONE Deursystemen is able to deliver the most complete product packages for the healthcare sector. Together with the other services and products of KONE, such as escalators, elevators and facade maintenance systems, we can offer all people flow solutions. With KONE Customers have one partner and one contact for all their maintenance. We live up to our slogan: “KONE UNBURDENS”.

The activities of both companies are accommodated in the existing building of Mondoor in Zaltbommel. All employees of Mondoor and Markus will be employed by Kone Deursystemen and the brand and product names ‘Mondoor’ and ‘Markus Hermetische Deuren’ will be retained.

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