Rens Knevels MSc

After completing his Master’s degree in Finance at Tilburg University and a five-month Spanish study, Rens joined Match Plan as a Consultant in June 2013.

In his last study year, he met Match Plan Corporate Finance and decided to apply. Important motives for choosing Match Plan was that Rens grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was looking for a dynamic and open work environment that offers room for personal responsibility and entrepreneurship. Also the diversity in assignments and the daily contact with inspiring entrepreneurs appealed to Rens.

Meanwhile, Rens has grown into a Senior Consultant and has been involved in a wide range of assignments and projects. This involved both national and international purchase and sales transactions, from large to small, in almost all branches. The challenges, creativity, emotions of the entrepreneur (s) in combination with the personal contact and trust of the customer make each process unique according to Rens. The joint realization of the intended results gives great satisfaction.

Some recent assignments in which he was involved concern: the sale of Trident to the listed Finnish company Wärtsilä, the valuation of a group of companies in the marketing sector and the acquisition of growth and working capital financing for a fast-growing mental health care institution.

Recently, Rens also joined as a shareholder. The step to co-shareholdership and the continuation of his career at Match Plan is a logical step according to Rens:

“It goes without saying that I am enormously proud of this step: the step towards a shareholder is a unique opportunity and is consistent with my ambitions to become one of the equal partners and shareholders in the long term. In order to accomplish this, it is important that I continue to develop myself commercially and professionally, and I hope to manage a fully independent client portfolio within a few years. “