Participation Comgoed Beheer B.V. (retrospect)

I had the feeling that I got substantive support at crucial moments. Therefore I was able to make well-informed decisions and I didn’t pay for too many hours of work.

What did Match Plan CF do for you?

Match Plan assisted me with my participation in Comgoed B.V.

Description of the client and the company

Before I became an entrepreneur I have worked for 12 years with joy and belief in various positions in commercial business. Even though I got plenty of chances to develop myself during my career, my urge to become an entrepreneur grew as well. Last year, 35 years old, I finally got en took the chance to start as an entrepreneur. I became co-owner of Comgoed. Comgoed was founded 11 years ago as a medium-sized trading company, specialized in compost, biomass and commodities.

Why did you choose Match Plan CF as your advisor?

Match Plans working method and attitude gave me enough space to keep parts of the process personal and to give Match Plan responsibility for the remaining parts.

What was your experience with Match Plan CF during the project?

Match Plan got involved in the process from the moment that a business valuation was available and the first participation offer was being discussed. From that moment on, Match Plan has assisted, advised and has provided me with directions during the process. They brought in the right expertise at the right moments, e.g. for legal, fiscal and accountancy affairs. As a result I had the feeling that I got substantive support at crucial moments, that I could make informed decisions and that I didn’t pay for too many hours of work. Match Plan has been leading in the development of various agreements. An important factor in these agreements was that two parties had to be satisfied with the participation. The agreements were a balance between my interests and the interests of my future partners. While drafting the contracts, Match Plan focused not merely on my entry but also on my exit from the company in case of a disappointing collaboration. Even though a potential exit never even crossed my mind before.

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