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Selling a company

Match Plan assisted the shareholders of Diesis Consultancy with the sale of their company.

Match Plan assisted the shareholders of Diesis Consultancy with the sale of their company to Novisource N.V.

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Diesis Consultancy

Diesis Consultancy provides advice and support at the interface of finance, business processes and IT and is located in Amstelveen. Diesis’ specializations are applications such as Unit4 CODA, Icorp, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft BI. Diesis can translate business processes into financial transactions in the administration. It also implements and configures software in which registration and processing takes place. In addition, Diesis provides business intelligence applications to access and provide the necessary information.



The Nieuwegein-based consultancy and interim company Novisource is active in the field of business consultancy, interim management, project management and ICT. Novisource’s shares are listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam. With the acquisition of Diesis Consultancy, Novisource expands its knowledge and service package. The transaction also underlines Novisource’s wish to achieve growth through acquisitions.

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Looking back with the client

Match Plan guided us in the acquisition process of our company Diesis Consultancy by the listed company Novisource. The acquirer was listed on the stock exchange. Match Plan was able to indicate which additional matters were relevant here. In addition, the bids were quite complex. Match Plan was able to clearly explain the various parts and indicate the best way to deal with these parts.

Match Plan puts the interests of us as a selling party first, have a lot of knowledge and communicate in a clear manner with regard to both the selling and the acquiring party.

Erik Smidt - Partner Match Plan

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