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Selling a company

Match Plan assisted ezCompany with the sale of the company to the Belgium Intracto.

Match Plan is proud to announce that it has assisted the Dutch ezCompany with the sale to the Belgian Intracto. As a result of the takeover, Intracto is now the largest Benelux specialist in the field of website software Drupal. Match Plan took care of the entire sales process in a driven, professional and punctual manner, according to ezCompany.

The following components were discussed during the sales process:

  • Drafting an informationmemorandum;
  • Drafting a longlist and approaching candidates;
  • Having conversations with potential takeover candidates;
  • Facilitating due diligence;
  • Correct legal guidance;
  • Assistance in negotiations.
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The Tilburg software specialist ezCompany is a company that is active in developing websites in the Drupal CMS. ezCompany was founded in 2001 and has grown rapidly over the years into a company with over 50 employees. Partly due to the specialization in developing and managing Drupal websites, ezCompany has built up an appealing portfolio. The clients of the company include the national government (Tax Authorities, RIVM), educational organizations (Erasmus University, Utrecht University) and commercial clients (Graydon, Jaguar Land Rover). Match Plan assisted ezCompany with the sale of the company to Intracto in Belgium.


Complete sales process

EzCompany was looking for a way to continue its growth and sought affiliation with a strategic or financial party. The internet company came to Match Plan via a recommendation. After drawing up an information memorandum and long list, the corporate finance specialist actively searched for the right partner for ezCompany. After discussions with various parties, this eventually turned out to be Intracto. The facilitation of the due diligence and legal guidance were fully carried out by Match Plan.

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Growth strategy Intracto through buy-and-build

This is the third acquisition of Intracto in the Netherlands. In November 2017, the company already took over Have a Nice Day and BLUE Web Solutions was also acquired at the end of 2018. In addition, the internet agency found a partner in private equity firm Waterland to accelerate the roll-out of their buy-and-build strategy. The takeover will increase the number of employees to 100 in the Netherlands and 200 in Belgium.

Erik Smidt - Partner Match Plan

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