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Acquiring a company

Match Plan assisted investment group Ondernemend Kapitaal with its second acquisition.

Match Plan is proud to have successfully guided the investment group Ondernemend Kapitaal in the acquisition of talent recruitment, temporary employment and secondment organization Inventus B.V. This is the second time that Match Plan has guided a takeover process for Ondernemend Kapitaal. Match Plan has also assisted in the takeover of furniture manufacturer De Esdoorn for Ondernemend Kapitaal.

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Ondernemend Kapitaal

Ondernemend Kapitaal is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial group of investors that invest in SMEs and family businesses. The group started in 2018 under the guidance of Match Plan and accountancy firm De Groof (currently Accon AVM). The goal is to allow successful entrepreneurs to jointly participate in existing organizations in order to take the companies to the next level. This is achieved by financing business succession and growth, deploying relevant networks and bringing in knowledge and entrepreneurship. Most investors are former clients of Match Plan who join this committed investment group after the sale of their company.



Inventus was founded in 2003 and is located in Etten-Leur. The organization is active as a player in the recruitment market. In addition to the regular temporary and secondment work, Inventus also looks at the talent of the candidate during recruitment, in addition to the hard criteria such as experience and training. For example, various studies have shown that employees who work based on their talent perform better, are more intrinsically motivated and are 15% to 20% more productive. With the contribution of Ondernemend Kapitaal, the ambitious growth plans of the Inventus will be further strengthened. By bringing in relevant knowledge and expertise, new markets and regions can be entered.

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Match Plan

Match Plan has assisted Ondernemend Kapitaal throughout the entire purchase process. Match Plan actively searched for a suitable proposition based on the investment criteria of Ondernemend Kapitaal. Match Plan then assessed the proposition, valued Inventus, made an indicative offer, conducted negotiations, supervised the due diligence, drawn up the contracts and arranged the financing.

Erik Smidt - Match Plan

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