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Selling a company

Match Plan assisted Linnen at Work with the sale of the company.

Ernest founded the organization in 2005. After about 15 years of building Linnen at Work with heart and soul, Ernest was ready for a new challenge. Together with his wife, who is also actively involved in the company, they have decided to sell Linnen at Work. Match Plan was able to guide the entire sales process up to and including the formal transfer to the new owner Joost Verrest.

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Linnen at Work

Linnen at Work is a supplier of linen and (hotel) beds. Short lines, a wide range of products, customer focus and tailor-made advice distinguish them from many other linen suppliers. Linnen at Work is the specialist and loyal partner for many (catering) companies in the sale of high-quality bed linen, bath linen, table linen and hotel beds. Due to their broad experience in the field, they can think along with customers and tailor every wish. In addition to the large standard range of hotel linen, they also supply you with the most exclusive products. Linnen at Work only uses the best manufacturers.


Sales process

Match Plan has supported Mr. and Mrs. Martens throughout the entire sales process. Prior to the process, we performed a valuation of the company in order to be able to make a good estimation of the sales value. We then started looking for the right buyers.

After we had discussions with various potential buyers, indicative offers were made and negotiations took place. An agreement has been reached with the ultimate buyer Joost Verrest. After signing the Letter Of Intent, the due diligence started and our own lawyer Reg Schreurs drew up the agreements.

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