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Acquiring a company

Match Plan advised Ondernemend Kapitaal in the acquisition of L’Unité Groep.

Ondernemend Kapitaal has taken a majority stake in L’Unité Group. This is the third acquisition of Ondernemend Kapitaal in which Match Plan guided the process from the Letter of Intent to the closing. L’Unité is an ICT company from Huizen and has been active for about 30 years. Ondernemend Kapitaal, together with Jerry Kleinman (general manager of L’Unité), became a shareholder of L’Unité Group. Match Plan previously guided Ondernemend Kapitaal with the acquisitions of talent recruitment, temporary employment and secondment organization Inventus and the acquisition of furniture manufacturer De Esdoorn.

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L’Unité was founded in 1991 by André Colletta (current seller). L’Unité is the French word for unity, or “Unity in Automation”. André Colletta has already transferred part of the shares in 2009 to his partner Jerry Kleinman. After years of good cooperation and further growth of the Company, André also wanted to sell the remainder of his shares to Jerry. He came into contact with Ondernemend Kapitaal through Jerry Kleinman’s advisor. By entering into a partnership with Ondernemend Kapitaal, new investments are possible and growth plans of the L’Unité Group will be further strengthened. In addition, Ondernemend Kapitaal provides relevant knowledge and expertise. Lead investor from Ondernemend Kapitaal is KoutersVanderMeer from Bussum; they are an agency for performance improvement with a focus on IT management. On the one hand they can add energy and knowledge and on the other hand synergy is also found in the customer base.


Ondernemend Kapitaal

Ondernemend Kapitaal is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial group of investors that invest in SMEs and family businesses. The group started in 2018 under the guidance of Match Plan and accountancy firm De Groof (currently Accon AVM). The goal is to allow successful entrepreneurs to jointly participate in existing organizations in order to take the companies to the next level. This is achieved by financing business succession and growth, deploying relevant networks and bringing in knowledge and entrepreneurship. Most investors are former clients of Match Plan who join this committed investment group after the sale of their company.

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Match Plan

Match Plan came into contact with Jerry Kleinman on behalf of Ondernemend Kapitaal through his advisor Arjo van Trigt. During the first meeting with Jerry, the strategic future vision of L’Unité and Jerry was discussed. This revealed an ambitious growth plan in which the knowledge, expertise and financial strength of Ondernemend Kapitaal turned out to be a perfect match. Subsequently, we initially spoke with future co-shareholders about how the shareholder relations and division of roles would be. We then entered the purchasing process in which stakeholder management was very important given the many parties involved.

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