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Match Plan supervises the merger process between Van Dijk Expresse and Gitrans Sneltransport to Nassau Sneltransport Breda

The transporters Van Dijk Expresse and Gitrans Sneltransport have joined forces as of Tuesday 1 October 2019 and Nassau Sneltransport Breda has been created. Match Plan assisted Van Dijk Expresse as an advisor in this merger process. Ivar Jansen is the former director / owner of Van Dijk Expresse and now co-owner and commercial director of Nassau Sneltransport Breda. We asked him how he experienced this merger process.

Ivar Jansen Nassau Sneltransport

Merger: Van Dijk Expresse and Gitrans Sneltransport

Interview Ivar Jansen

How did you come into contact with Match Plan and why did you choose Match Plan?

Match Plan has been recommended to me by my accountant, Van Oers Accountants and Tax Advisers. They also recommended a second party in addition to Match Plan. However, Erik Smidt from Match Plan was the first person I called and also the first one with whom I made an appointment for an introduction. The first meeting gave sufficient reason not to look any further. So I chose Match Plan because of the good reference and the introductory meeting.

Why did you decide to merge with Gitrans Sneltransport?

The reason I wanted to merge is to make the company more future-proof overall. In addition, I also wanted to achieve a bit of efficiency improvement.

How long did the merger process take and was the lead time in line with your expectations?

From the first meetings to the closing at the notary, the process took about a year. By the way, we had also checked each other out three years ago. Then we decided not to continue the process yet, so I do not include that in this either. But having said that, I think a year for a solid merger is not too bad.

In terms of a time frame, I noticed that we have made many big steps in the first months. After we reached an agreement on the equity ratios, the process did slow down a bit. I expected that the final phase would take less time. That was also the moment when many legal aspects were involved in combination with the summer holidays.

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Experience with Match Plan

How would you describe Match Plan in 3 words?

To the point, pragmatic and clear.

Would you recommend Match Plan to friends and acquaintances? If so, why?

Certainly! Short lines of communication and nice people. A meeting does not have to last an hour if it can also take half an hour. I really like that myself.

Erik Smidt - Match Plan

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