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Acquiring a company

Match Plan assisted Reinier Haga Groep in the acquisition of the shareholding of LangeLand Ziekenhuis.

LangeLand Ziekenhuis has joined the Reinier Haga Group after permission from ACM. This guarantees the continuity of patient care in the Zoetermeer hospital. Match Plan acted as financial advisor to Reinier Haga Groep in the context of the acquisition of the shareholding of the LangeLand Ziekenhuis in the Dialysecentrum Zoetermeer B.V.

Reinier Haga Groep
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HagaZiekenhuis and LangeLand Ziekenhuis have entered into an agreement for the joint development and operation of the Dialysecentrum Zoetermeer. Both hospitals each owned half of the Dialysis Center. However, LangeLand Ziekenhuis ended up in financial need and in that capacity it was decided to sell their interest in the Dialysis Center. With this they created more financial space for the coming period.

In addition to the acquisition of the share interest of the LangeLand Ziekenhuis, the Reinier Haga Group has also acquired the shares of the Haga Ziekenhuis. With this, the Reinier Haga Group has become the owner of the entire dialysis center.


Reason for acquisition

Within the Reinier Haga Group, the LangeLand Ziekenhuis will remain an independent basic hospital with emergency care. The aim of joining the group is to further strengthen existing referrals of the LangeLand Ziekenhuis with the help of the wide range of top clinical care offered by the Haga Ziekenhuis and Reinier de Graaf. The hospitals have been working together for some time in the field of dialysis, lung diseases, cardiology and intensive care.

In addition to care prospects for the Zoetermeer patient, the entry offers development prospects for the employees of LangeLand. For all employees within the group, the internal labor market has expanded, which offers the opportunity for interesting career developments.

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Match Plan

Match Plan has drawn up a valuation for the Reinier Haga Group. In addition, Match Plan advised the Reinier Haga Group in the negotiations and drafting of the transaction documentation.

Erik Smidt - Partner Match Plan

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