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Robot Robots Company

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Debt advisory

Match Plan assisted Robot Robots Company with the desired growth financing of more than € 5 million.

Robot Robots Company, a company in The Hague active in the field of robot technology, has arranged the desired growth financing of more than € 5 million. Match Plan has supported CEO Martin Roos during the entire financing process. After a careful selection process, a financing arrangement was finally concluded with 5 parties. Match Plan’s activities included selecting financiers, negotiating financing conditions and legal documentation.

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Robot Robots Company

Robot Robots Company is active in both the healthcare and security market. Subsidiary Robot Care Systems has recently appeared in the media several times. The company, known for the care robot LEA, won several awards in 2015. Both the Shell liveWIRE award and the Herman Wijffels Innovation award were won by Robot Care Systems. This has already yielded the company € 50,000 for further product development.



Among others, Rabobank Regio The Hague, Makis Holding, InnovationQuarter, CbusineZ and Else B.V. Robot Robots Company have granted the requested funding. The investment of the aforementioned parties amounts to a total of more than € 5 million and ensures that Robot Robots Company can further develop its products and roll them out internationally.

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