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Selling a company

Match Plan has assisted the shareholders of Trident B.V. in the sale of 100% of their equity interest to Wärtsila.

Match Plan has assisted the shareholders of Trident B.V. in the sale of 100% of their equity interest to Wärtsila. This in collaboration with our partner Rijkse Accountants en Adviseurs and NPL Advies.

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Trident is a company that provides innovative underwater services. It has specialized in 25 years to become an expert in repairs, maintenance and inspections of ships and other machines without having to bring them onto land. It is headquartered in the Netherlands, but it also has branches in Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands. Characteristic of Trident’s activities are the innovative nature of the solutions it offers.



Wärtsilä is the world leader in technological innovations for the marine and energy markets. They focus on the entire life cycle of the machines of the customers, where sustainability and efficiency are paramount. Wärtsilä had generated net profit of € 4.9 billion in 2017 with approximately 18,000 employees.

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Looking back with the client

“With the help of Match Plan, we have successfully linked our company to a large multinational in a 100% share transaction. Erik Smidt and his colleagues have succeeded in guiding us through the complicated international sales process with always a lot of enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge without losing sight of our principles.”- Adrie Huijbregts, Trident

“In retrospect, it would have been a very difficult story to arrive at this successful acquisition without the expertise, knowledge and commitment of Match Plan. Despite a very good understanding and working relationship between the buying party and us, you still end up in situations that could break the deal and / or damage the future relationship. Match Plan has been the ideal buffer for this, coming up with alternative solutions at the right times. Throughout the entire process, I have always had the confidence that our interests were well represented. ” – William Winters, Trident

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