Batenburg Beheer

Match Plan Corporate Finance assisted the Euronext listed company Batenburg Beheer with the acquisition of Dekker van Geest Installaties.

Batenburg Beheer is a technical service provider, active in the fields of technical installation and technical trading. Batenburg Beheer N.V. comprises twelve operational subsidiaries established in the Netherlands and Belgium, with approximately 950 empolyees. Batenburg Beheer acquires Dekker van Geest Installaties, a mechanical engineering installation company. Dekker van Geest generates a turnover of € 11 million and is a valuable addition to the existing activities of Batenburg Beheer. Given the size of Dekker van Geest, they will be operating as an independent subsidiary within the Batenburg Beheer groep. The current management of Dekker van Geest installaties will remain in function after the takeover. The involvement of Match Plan with Batenburg can be titled as special. The request to assist Batenburg originated from a completed deal in 2007;  during this deal Match Plan assisted Daelman systems with the sale to Batenburg.

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