Kone Deursystemen (Markus & Mondoor)

Match Plan Corporate Finance has assisted Kone Deursystemen with the acquisitions of both Mondoor and Markus Hermetische Deuren.

In 2011, Kone Deursystemen acquired Mondoor in Zaltbommel and Markus Hermetische Deuren in Krimpen aan den Ijssel. Both companies have their own specialisms, which seamlessly suit the product range offered by Kone. Mondoor procures and distributes the self-developed and patented floating door systems, which are mainly used in the healthcare sector. Markus produces and distributes hermetic sealable door systems. These systems are used to seal off surgery and treatment rooms. The activities of both companies are accommodated in the existing building of Mondoor in Zaltbommel. All employees of Mondoor and Markus will be employed by Kone deursystemen and the brand and product names ‘Mondoor’ and ‘Markus Hermetische Deuren’ will be retained.

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Deel met uw netwerk

  • Specialisme: Acquisition
  • line: Installatie en productie (deuren en liften)
  • Date: Oktober 2011