Sell-side advisory

“The extensive network and the result-driven approach of Match Plan has helped me a great deal. They are excellent managers of ratio and emotions”.

When you are considering to sell your company, we usually conduct one or more exploratory interview(s) in which we discuss your expectations regarding the sale of your company and what we consider to be realistic. Each selling process is unique and each company has its personal characteristics, which will influence the actions needed to be taken in the selling process. However, as a guideline, the following stages and steps can be distinguished in a regular sales process

1. Preparation stage

  • Conducting a valuation
  • Drawing up an information memorandum
  • Drawing up a potential buyers list (long-list)

2. Implementation stage

  • Approaching potential buyers, which are on the long-list with an anonymous profile
  • Establishment of confidentiality
  • Handing out of the information memorandum and the process letter
  • Introductory meeting
  • Further exchange of information and an extending meeting
  • Obtainment of bidding offers

3. Sale stage

  • Conducting negotiations
  • Drawing up letter of intent
  • Coordination of the due diligence research
  • Negotiation of transaction documentation including the selling-agreement
  • Closing the deal (formal transfer and payment of the purchase price

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