The assistance of the strategic sale of Trident B.V. (review)

“With the help and guidance of Match Plan, we successfully sold our company to a big multinational in a 100% share transaction. Erik Smidt and his colleagues have succeeded in guiding us through the complicated international sales process, with a lot of enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge and without losing sight of our principles.“- Adrie Huijbregts, Trident

“Looking back we can say that without the expert knowledge and commitment of Match Plan, it would have been very difficult to come to this successful acquisition. Despite a very good relationship and working relationship between the buying party and us, you always end up in situations that could break the deal and/or damage the future relationship. Match Plan has been the ideal buffer for this, by always coming up with alternative solutions at the right moments. Throughout the whole process I have always had the confidence that our interests were well looked after. “- William Winters, Trident

What did Match Plan Corporate Finance do for you and your company?

Match Plan advised and guided us with the sale of Trident B.V. to the large multinational Wärtsilä.

Why did you choose for Match Plan Corporate Finance to be your advisor?

At the request of the buyer, we had a financial statement prepared by a certified accountancy firm (Rijkse) and we experienced this as very positive. When I asked whether they could guide us in this acquisition process, we were introduced to Match Plan. During the first meeting with Erik Smidt, I immediately had a good feeling about Match Plan.

How long did the process take and when did the transfer officially take place?

The process took about 8 months and the official transfer took place on 1 February 2018.

What unique issues took place in this process and how did they get handled?

At first, Trident did not have the intention to sell but we were approached directly by Wärtsilä and it turned out to be a beautiful strategic fit. Match Plan clearly understood how Trident wanted to act in this process and translated this in a good way to the buyer, which ultimately led to a 100% share transaction.

Would you recommend Match Plan to friends and acquaintances? If so, with what argument?

I would definitely recommend Match Plan given the fact that they have listened to us carefully and fully adopted that message in their approach, while always consulting is priorly.

Which 3 keywords would best describe Match Plan?

Direct, no-nonsense and professional.

What is the added value of Match Plan Corporate Finance during the sales process?

During the acquisition process, both buyer and seller have always been on speaking terms in a good business atmosphere, which was ultimately awarded with a successful transaction.

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