The assistance with the sale of KV Media Groep B.V. (review)

We have constantly felt that Match Plan promoted our interests in a good way and strived for the best end result.”– KV Media Groep


What did Match Plan Corporate Finance do for you and your company?

Match Plan has advised and guided us in the sale of our company.

When did the transfer officially take place?

The official transfer took place on 18 August 2014.

Why did you choose for Match Plan Corporate Finance to be your advisor?

During the pitch meeting, Match Plan (Erik Smidt) made a reliable and expert impression. Moreover, Erik’s personality fits well with us.

What unique issues took place in this process and how did they get handled?

In the share transaction, the holding company and operating companies were transferred to a large organization. It was a strategic purchase. Within our organization, several shareholders were active with different share packages. Emotion, interests and future perspective play a major role in all considerations. Match Plan has played an important, leading role in this.

How would you describe your experience with Match Plan during the sale of your company?

Match Plan has made an expert, professional impression to us. With the sale of our company, a lot more came to see than we had estimated beforehand. During and after the process, we have always had the feeling that Match Plan has looked after our interests in a good way, while striving for the best end result. Match Plan also played an important role in the process of processing and structuring all company information.

What is the added value of Match Plan Corporate Finance during the sales process?

Determination of the strategy, substantive guidance, negotiations, knowledge and decisiveness. Erik Smidt correctly adjusted our expectations and conceptions, which contributed to a good end result.

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