The sale of a stake in CVT (retrospect)

Looking back, I am satisfied with the service of Match Plan (Erik Smidt) and I would recommend them to anyone.

What did Match Plan CF do for you?

Erik Smidt advised me on the sale of my 100% stake in Controlled Vonk Technologie (CVT).

Description of the client (seller) and the buyer

CVT is one of the leading companies in the Netherlands in wire EDM technology. The buyer of CVT is the company Heinmade, situated on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. CVT was a client of Heinmade for years and CVT also provided Heinmade with parts for piezo ceramic solutions for clients like ASML.

When did the transfer take place?

The first contacts between CVT and Heinmade concerning a possible sale took place in the spring of 2012. The formal transfer of shares occurred in early 2013.

Why did you choose Match Plan CF as your advisor?

My accountant, Jos Schippers from De Groof Accountants, made the first contact with Match Plan in the spring of 2012. In the first meeting we discussed CVT and we made an action plan and a sales strategy. During the second meeting we discussed the details and we agreed on a clear timeline and Match Plans fee. Mainly their clear strategy, experience, professionalism and the personal approach, had convinced me that Match Plan would succeed in this project. Another important factor were the good experiences my accountant had with Match Plan.

Which unique subjects played a role in this process?

After the first conversations with Hein Schellens from Heinmade, I wanted to talk to other parties as well. Many parties were interested in taking over CVT, partly due to Match Plans extensive network. In the end we received four bids. This was very nice, especially in these times. It gave me the opportunity to consider all aspects of the deal, such as price and conditions, but also the feeling with the acquiring party. Looking back at the talks with Heinmade, Match Plan acted as a buffer between me and Hein Schellens. This worked well, because we also worked together on a daily basis. Especially the emotional aspects of a sales process should not be underestimated.

What were your experiences with us during the project?

Thanks to Match Plan I could still focus on CVT during the sales process. Besides the comfort it provided it was also a crucial factor to keep CVT running. I am also very positive about their expertise, network and personal approach. Looking back, I am very content with the services provided by Match Plan and I would recommend them to anyone.

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