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Acquiring a company

Match Plan has successfully assisted investment group Ondernemend Kapitaal with the acquisition of furniture manufacturer De Esdoorn.

Match Plan is proud to announce that it has successfully assisted the Ondernemend Kapitaal investment group with the acquisition of furniture manufacturer De Esdoorn.

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De Esdoorn

De Esdoorn is active in the field of the design and production (in its own factory) of high-quality furniture for childcare. These include daycare centers, out-of-school care, playgroups, host parents and schools. De Esdoorn’s products are distinguished by a progressive design in combination with practical use. De Esdoorn employs 20 employees.


Ondernemend Kapitaal

Ondernemend Kapitaal consists of a pragmatic and entrepreneurial group of investors in SMEs who are keen to participate jointly in profitable SMEs and family businesses. With approximately ten participants, the group is able to add entrepreneurship to these companies in addition to capital, specific knowledge and experience.

With the contribution of Ondernemend Kapitaal, the ambitious growth plans of the Esdoorn can be further strengthened. For example, the aim is to achieve a 33% increase in turnover in 2019 with a significant improvement in the EBITDA margin. Ondernemend Kapitaal, together with the existing management, will realize further growth through the expansion to other sectors, including education and healthcare. By investing in optimization of the machinery and 3D CAD / CAM, efficiency benefits can also be achieved. The aim is to strengthen the durability of De Esdoorn.

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Match Plan

Match Plan has assisted Ondernemend Kapitaal throughout the entire process. Match Plan has assessed the propostion, valued the proposition, guided the negotiations, raised financing, supervised the due diligence and drew up the contracts.

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