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Legal guidance

Selling your company or acquiring a company? Use of our legal services

No matter how big or small a transaction is and how well the parties may or may not know each other, it is always wise to have agreements recorded by a legal specialist. After all, the legal aspect is one of the most important aspects of a business takeover, and it is essential to have a legally valid and watertight legal document as a safety net should this ever prove necessary. In addition to full takeover assistance, Match Plan also offers the option of using legal guidance only.

Do you want to have a free consultation for legal guidance for a business acquisition? Schedule now:

Legal guidance for business acquisition
Legal guidance

We can prepare the following legal documents for you:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Management Agreement
  • Service level agreement (SLA))
  • Warranty agreement
  • Second opinion
Our specialist

Legal guidance

Besides drawing up the various documents, we can also provide you with legal guidance on our own or serve as a second opinion. Our legal specialists Mr. Reg Schreurs and Mr. Matthias Duijzer are Corporate Law lawyers and have extensive practical experience in the field of takeover contracts and forms of cooperation. They have decades of experience within mergers and acquisitions, with an impressive track-record of successful transactions. Schedule a free consultation now for business acquisition legal guidance:

Legal guidance
Julian Wagenhuis

“Should we ever get into an argument, Match Plan has ensured that everything is arranged perfectly”

Julian Wagenhuis, former owner of  Translation Kings and co-owner of Excellent Carwash

Matthias Duijzer - Match Plan

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