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Uncontrollable business growth, or are acute financial problems looming?

We help entrepreneurs with financial advice to stay in control or regain control through restructuring. We advise entrepreneurs in finding the right financing structure. This may be to facilitate growth, but we are also there for entrepreneurs who estimate their financial position to be such that the expectation is that acute financial problems will arise within 3 to 12 months. In addition, we can also assist companies with strategic advice and the WHOA and can support the administrative organization with the help of our partners. The WHOA gives companies in financial difficulties the opportunity to restructure their debts in order to avoid bankruptcy, or to achieve a resolution of the company in a controlled manner.

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Restructuring the trajectory

The trajectory

For each company, an appropriate customized program is considered, which may consist of the items listed below:

Analyze the financing structure within the company.
Prepare concise reports; financial forecast/business and problem analysis/liquidity forecast for upcoming period/risk assessment.
Gain insight into current issues and prioritize them.

Drafting plan of action (including various scenarios) how to sustainably improve the company’s mid- and long-term performance.
If desired: we can involve an experienced entrepreneur in the problem analysis and drafting of the plan of action.

Create calm to stakeholders by deploying one or more recommendations.
Providing strategic direction to ensure sustainable continuity.
Possible deployment of experienced entrepreneur on a project basis.

Creating value together

The right specialism in house

Within our team, each has their own specialism. This includes three specialists with long-standing banking backgrounds at all three major banks, five Register Valuators, a sector specialist, a communications specialist and a corporate lawyer. In this way, you are provided with the right specialism at the right time throughout the entire process.

Restructuring the right specialism in house
Walter van de Wege

“Match Plan is een organisatie die flexibel is, no-nonsense en kan in korte tijd vooruitgang realiseren in een complex overnametraject”

Walter van de Wege, CEO Happy Horizon Groep

Restructuring some of the different options

Some of the different options

Analyse financing needs and provide appropriate financing structure.
Improve liquidity position through e.g. sale-and-lease-back constructions
Improve (bank) financing conditions and covenants.
Combining different types of financing options.

Getting your company ready for sale.
Connecting with an external (strategic or financial) party.
Preparing company for a possible merger.
Buying out shareholders (MBO/MBI process).
Performing a valuation.

Strengthening management (temporarily) with an experienced entrepreneur.
Not an interim job, but on an assignment basis.
Reorganisation-reorganisation of the organisational structure and/or positioning of the Company.
If necessary, administrative support (possibly with the help of an external party).

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