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Selling a company

Match Plan has guided in-lite on several projects.

  • Match Plan assisted director and shareholder, Jürgen van Dijk, in the acquisition of the remaining shares in Juraro Holding B.V. (trade name: in-lite). After this buyout, Jürgen van Dijk will own 100% of the shares through his personal holding.
  • Match Plan assisted in-lite in the sale of its Canadian operations by selling 100% of the shares of in-lite Design Corporation to current director Ramon Pieters.
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In-lite specializes in the design and development of leading outdoor lighting. The products are developed for the more luxurious gardens, where a total solution for lighting is offered. In-lite designs and develops its products itself and is currently market leader in the Netherlands. It also exports its products to Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany and North America, among others.


Match Plan

In-lite Design Corporation was a 100% subsidiary of the in-lite group and is located in Ontario (Canada). The company is primarily engaged in the sale and distribution of in-lite outdoor lighting products to the North American market.

Match Plan has valued the shares of in-lite Design Corporation. Match Plan then assisted in-lite with the tax and legal structuring of the transaction, contract negotiations and, in collaboration with AKD, recording agreements in various acquisition agreements.

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