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Selling a company

Match Plan has guided Vertic in entering into a strategic partnership.

Match Plan is proud of successfully guiding entrepreneurs George Philips and Richard Philips in entering into a strategic partnership between their company Vertic Nederland and the French listed company Delta Plus Group.

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Vertic Nederland was founded 10 years ago in the Rotterdam / The Hague region and has been active with the Vertic product range in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg since 2015. The company has expanded further in recent years to other Northern European countries, especially Scandinavia. Vertic Nederland has achieved an average annual growth in turnover of 20% over the past 5 years. Over the years Vertic Nederland has built up a loyal customer portfolio, thanks to the technical expertise and the solution-oriented approach of its employees.


Reason for acquisition

Delta Plus Group is a major player in the Personal Protective Equipment market. Through the partnership with Vertic Nederland, Delta Plus Group wants to strengthen its presence and development in Northern Europe and is well on its way to reaching its target – becoming market leader in the PPE market.

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