Acquisition advisory: Art Group acquires Fine Press Technics

Match Plan Corporate Finance has, in collaboration with ABACY Accountants & Tax Advisors, assisted the Art Group with the acquisition of Fine Press Technics. The activities of Match Plan consisted of the valuation of both companies, juridical due diligence investigation and the drawing up of the takeover contracts.

Perspa is an international company that specialises in the development and production of dies and moulds, as well as the production of start-up batches for die-cut and die-cast products. Perspa also focuses on turn-key projects for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). In 2009 Perspa expanded their business activities through the strategic fusion with Art GWV and Artooling.

Fine Press Technics (FPT) is an international production company that specialises in the mass production of high-end fine-blanked components. The automotive industry is the most important consumer of the fine-blanked components. They components are amongst others used for engines and transmissions, mechanisms for seat adjustment, exterior mirrors and the locks of car doors.

FPT will become a full subsidiary of ARTooling and will be operating under the name ART FPT. The goal is to bundle and expand the mass production activities of the group. The production of high-end fine-blanked components will remain the main focus. Furthermore the conventional die-cutting and die-casting of products will also be part of their activities. Meanwhile the company has acquired several projects. It is expected that the revenues coming from mass production will rise strongly in the following five years.

In the link below, you will find more information with respect to the company takeover (Dutch article):

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