Justien Mulder MSc

Justien Mulder has been working as a Consultant Corporate Finance at Match Plan since 1 January 2018. At the end of 2017 she successfully completed her Masters in Finance at Tilburg University. Prior to this, she also followed the Bachelor degree in Business Economics in Tilburg. During her studies, she found out that valuation-related issues were very appealing to her. That made her decide to start her career as a finance trainee at Retroca in 2016, a start-up in São Paulo, Brazil. The start-up was currently working on a new financing round for investors. This meant that she had the opportunity to identidy the future cash flows, which formed the basis for the valuation of the webshop. We eventually incorporated this into a presentation for the benefit of the potential investors. During these months abroad, she experienced for the first time the practical implications of the theory discussed in the class room.

After her studies she wanted to specialize in Corporate Finance and mergers and acquisitions in particular. Justien: ‘Match Plan offers me a pleasant and small team to work in, focuses on SMEs and are faced with challenging issues that interest me most. That is why I look forward to a pleasant and fruitful collaboration and am very excited to start. ‘